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bullet ToolmaN-UKO-
[13 Nov : 23:29]
great news !!!
bullet GonnaGetU
[06 Nov : 10:41]
hi everyone, started a new forum post with some long awaited news that might interest some of the old guys and hopefully the younger ones aswell.
bullet Tron151
[03 Sep : 06:10]
Ignore the last it's all back on the original IP
bullet Tron151
[03 Sep : 05:51]
bullet Tron151
[03 Sep : 05:51]
Up has changed though #motherfuckers
bullet Tron151
[03 Sep : 05:49]
It's back now
bullet Jacob
[02 Sep : 21:02]
I've created a discord channel if you guys want to use it until teamspeak is back up. [LINK]
bullet Tron151
[02 Sep : 20:27]
Looks like the servers Internet has a fault can't get an engineer till Friday the 9th
bullet Tron151
[02 Sep : 18:37]
Teams peak is down due to a line fault. Check here to see when it's back up
bullet Tron151
[22 Aug : 19:25]
bullet steveo329
[08 Aug : 19:26]
bullet Grandad
[06 Aug : 18:23]
Well thats Raven!! Wheres the rest?
bullet Tron151
[04 Aug : 13:37]
hi m8ty
bullet raven
[04 Aug : 11:36]
Alreet Lads / Lasses
bullet Grandad
[11 Jul : 08:56]
Blimey names from history.. Pass it on.. Anymore UKO folks about???
bullet Elmariachi
[29 Jun : 23:58]
Still playing JO with UKO tags
bullet Elmariachi
[29 Jun : 23:58]
still playing with UKO tags
bullet ToolmaN-UKO-
[18 Jun : 15:08]
sup doodey, yes some UKO members still play JO, not much
bullet DOODEY
[15 Jun : 17:40]
bullet Tron151
[12 Jun : 20:58]
i see him on origin and steam occasionally
bullet ToolmaN-UKO-
[05 Jun : 19:18]
you bet! lol, is Sparry still around?
bullet Tron151
[05 Jun : 17:00]
nice weather must be alot better
bullet ToolmaN-UKO-
[04 Jun : 05:14]
doing great, moved back to the Caribbean from Europe
bullet Tron151
[02 Jun : 18:29]
wow hi m8 didnt know JO was still going. How are you?
bullet ToolmaN-UKO-
[02 Jun : 04:23]
Well it's been a VERY long time but still wearing UKO tags still playing JO

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UKO's Steveo329 Twitch Channel
World of Warcraft: Legion Trailer

Posted by Tron151 on Wednesday 26 August 2015 - 19:05:33 | Add/Read Comments: 0
Star Wars: Battlefront Reveal Trailer
You can pre order on Origin £49.99 for the standard edition or £54.99 for the deluxe
Posted by Tron151 on Tuesday 21 April 2015 - 16:09:42 | Add/Read Comments: 0
Elite Dangerous: Wings Update
Group Play coming to Elite.. Finally

From the Official Newsletter
"Frontier Gives You Wings

On Wednesday PC Gamer broke the news about Elite: Dangerous’ second major update. 1.2 brings all-new cooperative and collaborative systems to Elite: Dangerous that will let players team up as a multiplayer group and share data and communications anywhere in the galaxy.

Codenamed “Wings,” 1.2 will let players form a four-player wing using the comms panel in your ship UI in the Open Play or Private Groups modes. Players flying with wingmen share ship data with the whole group, including hull and shield statuses, locations and current targets. All wingmen participating in a successful attack on a Wanted NPC or player will share in the bounty, and players can even lock-on to their wingmen to slave their Frame Shift Drive, automatically following friends when they engage faster-than-light travel.

But the galaxy is prepared for the increased threat presented by coordinated wings. New signal sources will present players with larger, deadlier encounters against overwhelming forces, encouraging close cooperation and teamwork to share in the high-priced bounties on offer. Oh, and don’t forget: AI-piloted ships can form up in flights of their own.

The team settled on the four-person cap for wings to make certain there can always be more players in a given system than just a single wing. “But at the same time,” Lead Designer Sandro Sammarco says, “a wing of four still represents a significant increase of capability over a lone vessel provided players cooperate effectively.”

“A single wing can always be outnumbered,” Executive Producer Michael Brookes says. “But it’s equally important wings integrated well with the HUD.”

With new HUD elements detailing your wing’s current hull and shield status, the team had to ensure the layout wouldn’t compromise canopy visibility and that players could effectively coordinate and work together, even when spread out in distant systems. We think you’ll be pleased with the results when Wings launches in early March, free for all Elite: Dangerous players. "

Posted by Tron151 on Sunday 22 February 2015 - 09:01:49 | Add/Read Comments: 0
Battelfield Hardline Release Date 20th March 2015

Posted by Tron151 on Saturday 21 February 2015 - 18:51:12 | Add/Read Comments: 0
WOW Patch 6.1
Patch 6.1 comes out on Feb 25 and comes with some new cool features

all new patch notes are here [link]
Posted by Tron151 on Saturday 21 February 2015 - 18:48:01 | Add/Read Comments: 0
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